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"After attending Liz's workshop in person a couple years ago, I began journaling with the Spiritual Circle Journal she created and the techniques she showed us. It really helped this more linear thinking former engineer have freedom. I grew outside the lines of my box in relationship with the Lord. That gave me a deeper understanding of how God was working and directing in my own life. 

After an online study on praise that Kelley and I led together this summer, I wanted to follow up with a live workshop on prayer journaling, but with Covid it just made sense to do the workshop a bit differently - so here we are.

And this online format allowed us to share with not just those who are local, but now we can have dear friends and family from all over the country experience the same sorts of insights using these tools. We hope you'll join us!"                                                - Kate Woods



If you would like a journal too (not required for this workshop), SAVE when you buy from this event page by Thursday, Nov 19th. Usual price of the journal is $20 (plus $2 tax) and $4 shipping = $26. Liz is offering us a bulk rate price of $18 plus tax. Locals, save $6 if you pick up at Kate's Grayslake home. Non-locals, still save $2, but pay shipping.